Customizable to your requirements.

Concrete by Design’s Perfect Pavers are specified and recommended by designers, builders, and homeowners, as well as commercial, residential, and landscape architects throughout the Southeast and beyond.

The variety of sizes, colors, and thicknesses allow our pavers to conform to virtually every requirement and situation presented.

Please contact Will Hester to discuss any ideas or upcoming projects. Will can offer sound design and technical advice along with insight into virtually any construction endeavor. Projects which provide uniqueness in design and demands are welcomed.

Please check with Concrete by Design for new sizes, products, and ideas that will be offered soon and discover how Perfect Pavers can help unleash your creativity.

Perfect Paver Colors



One of our most popular colors, blonde exudes a golden glow with subtle sand-to taupe undertones-a truly versatile color.



Buff pavers are a beautiful choice if you’re trying to capture the warm feelings of Tuscany with its sandy browns and natural variations. The vibrant, yet calming tone of this color is suitable for indoor or outdoor use as are all of our pavers.



Champagne lends itself well to any rich color palette of golds, browns, and coppers. This particular color looks great outdoors playing well off of natures’ own warm color palette.


Natural White

Natural White is an excellent choice to brighten up any area where a lighter color is desired. This color acts as an excellent grounding for a more vibrant color palette or a perfect pairing for a lighter elegant look.


Dove Gray

Dove Gray is a great multipurpose color. With its light colored striations scattered amongst the darker gray this color provides a great weathered look that is suitable for many applications.



Slate is a classic color sought out and used for thousands for years throughout the world and is still highly coveted today. This color is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor living spaces where a classic Travertine look is desired.

Standard Paver Sizes


  • Most pavers availalbe in thicknesses of 1/2″, 1″ and 1.75″

  • Ask about our custom size, color and applications.

  • Call today for information on pricing, production and delivery.



Vehicular Pavers

  • Note: All driveway pavers are 3″ thick.

Random Paver Pattern

  • Pavers #1 & #2 and #3 & #5 can be flipped respectively to achieve an even more random pattern.

Download specifications for all of our products.

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