Ideal for beautifying—unleash your creativity.

Perfect Pavers are ideal for beautifying existing concrete porches or patios and can also be placed upon a compacted base for a new walkway, pool deck, or driveway.

Concrete by Design’s Perfect Pavers are available in three thicknesses. The one-inch thick paver can be installed on newly poured or existing concrete surfaces by using typical tile-setting materials.

Don’t have or want to pour new concrete? Our 1.75″ thick pavers can be set upon a compacted base or sand-set; an excellent alternative for hard to access areas or around trees.

Both thicknesses have corresponding bull nosed pavers which work great in bordering elevated porches, step treads, wall caps and pool copings.

Perfect Pavers are also available in three-inch-thick vehicular pavers in five sizes that work together in virtually unlimited patterns—great for driveways, entrances, and crosswalks.